Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Plotting Tool Using Microsoft Excel

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 XL-EasyGantt V2.3 Screen Shots and Help!!!

Welcome to XL-EasyGantt Version 2.3 Learn to Use Section. You have just downloaded or received your Free copy of project scheduling and Gantt Chart plotting tool designed specifically to take advantage of the programmatic features of Microsoft Excel. This template is simple and easy to use. Designed specially for entry level users, alot of new functions has been added to help you automate the creation of your schedule and Gantt Chart. If you are a version 2.2 user, you will see the improvements immediately.

XL-EasyGantt is designed to help you save cost from the need to purchase expensive project scheduling software or you can use in conjunction with Microsoft Project for fast creation of high level (or up to 15 levels) schedules.

Common features between Version 2.3 and the older versions will not be mentioned here. Please refer to the help for the previous versions for more details.


  1. Launching XL-EasyGantt

  2. Registering your copy of XL-EasyGantt

  3. Creating a New Gantt Chart or Additional Gantt Charts

  4. Generate Calendar

  5. Insert New Task / Delete Task

  6. Level Up / Level Down

  7. Calendar Picker

  8. Status Selector

  9. Show/ Hide Additional Columns


This help section only covers the new features in Version 2.3. You might want to check out the help pages on Version 2.2 for the help on other existing features.

If you experience any bugs or problems in using XL-EasyGantt, you might want to post your questions at the forum section.