Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Tool Using Microsoft Excel

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Features  XLG v 2.4
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Insert Tasks        

Delete Task      
Insert Multiple Tasks by highlight multiple rows      
Promote Individual Task        
Demote Individual Task      
Auto Tasks Filtering        
Summary Tasks        
Auto Task Remarks Comments        
Task Owner        
Task Status        
Tasks Date Tracking & Highlights        
Promote Task with together with all Sub Tasks      
Demote Task with together with all Sub Tasks        
Auto Tasks Grouping        
Auto WBS        
Calendar Date Picker            
Calendar Days Calculation            
Work Days Calculation            
Day / Week Interval Settings           
Autosense Calendar Date Picker           
Start Date / End Date Verification & Highlight           
First Working Day of Week Settings           
Date Format Settings       
Holidays Entries and Highlight on Gantt Chart     
Predecessors Entries & Verification      
Predecessors Selections        
Plotting of Predecessors Connections in Gantt Chart
Gantt Chart        
Day/ Week Interval Settings

Weekends Highlight on Gantt Chart        
Today Highlight on Gantt Chart        
Project Durations not limited to Excel Columns #        
Graphical Gantt Chart  
Scrollable Gantt Chart


Weekends not restricted to Saturday and Sunday      
Holidays and Highlights on Gantt Chart      
Gantt Bar Color Settings        
Task Status / Progress on Gantt Bars        
Improved XL-EasyGantt Tool Bar        
Keyboard ShortCuts        
Gantt Chart Refresh Button        
Gantt Data Sheet        
One Click to Online Help        
Access to Online World Holidays        
One Click Access to Forum        
Turn off Web Launch Screen        
Turn off GreenMinder      
Free upgrades (within v3.x)        

Find out how to Activate the Different Versions Here!