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You can find more information on how to use this Template at or click on the HELP button on the Gantt Chart Worksheet.

XL-EasyGantt, XL-EasyGantt(TM), XL-EasyGantt(TM) version 3.0, XLG v3 , unless specifically indicated, all refers to the XL-EasyGantt(TM) version 3.0 product types that include the Evaluation version, Basic version, Buddies version and the Professional version.

License Agreement:
You should read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this software / template. This license applies to all product types under XL-EasyGantt (TM) version 3.0. Refer to the specific sections for each product types for the portion that refers to the product type that you are using. This license is valid till the next license update.

Your use of this template indicates your acceptance of this License Agreement and Warranty. XL-EasyGantt's author and owner reserves the rights to change the terms of this License, as well as the XL-EasyGantt(TM) features and design anytime for the current or any future versions without any notifications or announcements.

Limited Open Source:
The cells that contain this license wordings are protected to protect the recipients should they receive modified copies of this template through other sources other than downloading directly from

XL-EasyGantt(TM) aims to remain as an open source Excel Template (worksheet formulas only). While users are free to access the unprotected formulas in the worksheets, the Excel VBA source codes in XL-EasyGantt(TM) are protected and are copyrighted by the author and will not be made available to the users.

The author is not obligated to response to requests for source code access or to inform the users / requestors should their requests to access the source codes has been rejected.

Users who wish to learn the VBA / Macros used in this template may refer to the highlights at

Modifications and Distributions:
You may freely use (basic version), distribute and share the original version of this template with your friends, colleagues and clients for personal, educational and commercial use. When distributing or forwarding this template or the resulting schedules and Gantt charts, you agree to distribute with this Terms & Conditions attached. At no time you should delete this Terms & Conditions. Using or distributing copies of XL-EasyGantt(TM) without this Terms and Conditions of use is in breach of the usage rights and you should delete the copies from your computer or any media immediately. All re-distributed copies of XL-EasyGantt(TM), be it Evaluation, Basic, Buddies or Professional version to a third party will be automatically reverted to 30 days Evaluation version on the recipients' machine. The recipients should then activate the product according to their preferred product type.

Virus Free:
The original unmodified version may be freely distribute to other parties except that If you have modified the worksheet formulas or this template for re-distribution, you agree to indicate clearly in this template that this is a modified version of the XL-EasyGantt(TM) and indicate clearly either your contact information and you shall be fully responsible for the modified copies. You should ensure that the copies that you distribute is free from virus and malicious codes. The VBA / Macro is locked, you should not have access and should not modify the VBA codes through any means.

The original template is made available for download free of virus or malicious codes. However, the author of XL-EasyGantt(TM) cannot guarantee that the copies that you have received directly from XL-EasyGantt(TM) website or through any other channels will be free of virus(es) due to the transmission nature of the Internet. You agree to exercise your own care to protect yourself against any virus and would not hold or its author responsible for any damages or losses due the a corrupted copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM) received through any means.

Grant of License and Registration:
There three versions of XL-EasyGantt Version 3.0 available. You may choose to register or purchase the version that is most suited to your needs. Users are required to register their copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM) at after 30 days of trial use.

XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Evaluation Version
While it is not compulsory to register your evaluation version, XL-EasyGantt(TM) will continue to remind you through a message box after your 30 days of free trial and some features will not be available to you. You can visit to register their copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM) and key in the activation code in the Registration Box by clicking the Registration icon. A browser window will automatically be launched each time the user re-opens this version of XL-EasyGantt(TM)

XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Basic Version
Registration for the XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Basic Version is Free-of-Charge. At any time, you can register your copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM) through the Registration/Activation panel or at to upgrade it to the Free Basic version. Key in the activation code in the Activation Panel by clicking the Activation icon. A browser window will automatically be launched each time the user re-opens this version of XL-EasyGantt(TM).

XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Buddies Version
XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Buddies Version requires you to register and activate your copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM) with and by paying a small fee as a gesture in treating the author. Only upon registration then the access to the advance features will only continue to be available after the free 30 days trail. A browser window will automatically be launched each time the user re-opens this version of XL-EasyGantt(TM)

XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Professional Version
XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Professional is a commercial version. If you wish to continue to access to the advance features after the 30 days of free trial and who wish to deactivate the pop-up browser window on launching XL-EasyGantt(TM), you will need to register for the XL-EasyGantt(TM) V3.0 Professional Version. You payment does not grant you the rights to own the software but the rights to deactivate the web-launch notification screens. The software and codes continue to be the property of XL-EasyGantt's author.

No Licensing fee is required for to distribute schedules created using any version of XL-EasyGantt(TM). You may freely distribute XL-EasyGantt(TM) schedules to any users or clients. Recipients of such schedules will only be able to access to the advance features for 30 days. At any point in time, the users may choose to register for other versions of XL-EasyGantt(TM).

Conditions on Registered Copies of XL-EasyGantt(TM)
Advance features of the registered copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM) will only be available on the computer/machine and user that it was registered for. If you had registered your copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM) on a particular computer/machine, you may re-use the activation code on the same machine for copies of XL-EasyGatt(TM) that you have received from other users but not registered by you to access to the advance features. Each activation code is unique to each computer/machine and user.

This license grant you the use and distribution of XL-EasyGantt(TM). When distributing XL-EasyGantt(TM) templates you agree to keep the XL-EasyGantt(TM) logo and links within the templates at all time. You agree not to set up a competitive web-site or other media distribution channels in any form be it for non-profit, direct or indirect profit through any means including web advertisements, or self publicity unless you have obtained written permission from the author of XL-EasyGantt(TM). If you have gained access to the source codes of XL-EasyGantt(TM) in anyway or through any means, you agree not to set up competitive software and/ or templates for downloads based on XL-EasyGantt's codes be it for profit or non-profit. All downloads should be redirected to At all time, your modified copies of templates should make reference and acknowledgement of XL-EasyGantt(TM) by referring to

Graphics and Icons:
All icons and graphics contained in XL-EasyGantt(TM) template remains as the property of XL-EasyGantt(TM) and its author. You must not extract or capture them in any way for reuse in any other purposes.

You agree not to hack or reverse engineer this template in any way to gain access to its source codes. If you have received an unprotected copy of XL-EasyGantt(TM), please inform the author immediately through

Reserved Rights:
The author of XL-EasyGantt(TM) reserves the rights to change this original template or to discontinue the download, upgrade, issuing of source codes or any discussions relating to the template anytime without any announcement or justification.

Data Transfer
No personal data will be transferred to when you use this template. During initialization, XL-EasyGantt(TM) may launch an Internet Browser to check for the availability of any new versions. Only the version number of this XL-EasyGantt(TM), registration status and usage numbers will be transferred. IP addresses maybe collected but not as a form of identifying the users. Your use of this XL-EasyGantt(TM) automatically grant XL-EasyGantt(TM) the rights to transmit these information to servers.

Disclaimer of Warranties:
This template and the accompanying files is distributed "as is" and without Warranties as to performance of merchantability or any other Warranties whether expressed or implied. No Warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered.

No Liability for Consequential Damages:
The author of XL-EasyGantt(TM) shall not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or and other kind of loss while using or misusing this template. The user assumes the entire risk of using the program / template. No support through any channels will be provided for the use of this template.

If you do not agree with the terms of this License or fail to comply with the terms of this License, the License is automatically and immediately terminated. You then must immediately cease the use of the product and remove XL-EasyGantt(TM) file(s) from your system and other media.

Original Version Verification:
If you suspect that the version that you have received is not the original version of XL-EasyGantt(TM) or suspect that it has been modified to contain malicious codes, please seek verification and download the original copy from

Original License Location:
The original license at supersedes and overwrites all licenses that may be included in the Excel templates. It is your responsibility to check that you have verified that the license at and agree to it before using or distributing the template.

Should you have any questions concerning this License Agreement, or if you desire to contact the author please visit: