Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Tool Using Microsoft Excel

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Improved XL-EasyGantt Tool Bar and Keyboard ShortCuts

  The tool bar will be displayed when you are in the Gantt Chart Worksheet

Users of Excel 2007, you can find the XLG Toolbar int the Add-in section of your Ribbon.


Insert New Tasks ALT Insert
Delete Task ALT Delete
Promote Tasks ALT Right Arrow
Demote Tasks ALT Left Arrow
Activate/ Deactivate Auto Grouping CTL-Shift G
Activate / Deactivate Auto Filter CTL-Shift F
Refresh Gantt Chart CTL-Shift R
Settings Panel CTL-Shift S
Clear Gantt Chart -
About -
Online Help -
Online Forum -
Insert Turn-on Macro Help Page -
Registration/ Activation Panel  


Gantt Data Sheet

  The Data Sheet allows you to maintain the holidays and project resources.

The Resource Alias will be use for the drop down box for the resource selection in the Gantt Chart



Turn off Web Launch Screen and GreenMinder

  GreenMinder is the added feature to remind project managers to protect the environment through responsible project management.


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