Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Tool Using Microsoft Excel

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Graphical Gantt Chart

  In XL-EasyGantt v3, the Gantt Charts are plotting using shapes rather than cells colors.

In buddies and professional versions, predecessors connectors and task completion percentage are also plotted.


Scrollable Gantt Chart

  Now there are two ways that you can scroll the Gantt Chart.

1) By the scroll bar on top of the Gantt Chart.

2) By the Excel scroll bar at the bottom of the Worksheet.


Day/ Week Interval Settings

  You can display the Gantt Chart in Daily or Weekly intervals.

Use the Settings Panel to make the adjustments.


Weekends, Current Day and Holidays Highlight on Gantt Chart

Weekends and Current day are automatically highlighted in the Gantt Chart.

Holidays are highlighted if you have the buddies and professional version.



Gantt Bar Color Settings

  In the buddies and professional version, you can set the Gantt bar in different colors by entering the RBG values in the Settings Panel.



Task Status / Progress on Gantt Bars


  By entering the Task Status in the Status column, the Tasks progress shown in percentage will be plotted on the Gantt bar if you are using the buddies or the professional verions.



Weekends not restricted to Saturday and Sunday


For the buddies and professional versions, you can choose the First Start Day of the week by setting it in the Settings Panel



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