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Mocha Me! XL-EasyGantt (v3:Buddies)

    You can become our buddies by simply giving us a treat to show your appreciation!

XL-EasyGantt (V3:Buddies) or in short XLG Buddies and its added features are specially reserved for you, our Buddies, who care to buy us a nice cup of Mocha and a piece of Cheese Cake, get us a Jug of Beer or a few shots of Whisky just like you would do for buddies whom you appreciate their help in your projects!

  To become our buddy, all you need to do is:

1) Pick the treat (on the left) that you wish to buy for us according to your preference;

2) A new window will open, please proceed with paying for the treat;

3) Copy the Paypal transaction payment confirmation/reference number, launch your Activation Panel from within your XL-EasyGantt, fill in your information and send us your Activation Token for us to generate the Activation Code for you.

To launch your Activation Panel, please see the instructions here.

We will send you the XLG Buddies Activation code as soon as we have verified the information (in about 1 to 3 days) and you will be able to enjoy the added Buddies features! Easy? ;)

Oh, btw, no refund for treats okie? So please download and try out XL-EasyGantt to make sure it works for you before getting us a treat! :)