Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Tool Using Microsoft Excel

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Royalty Free Project Management ClipArt from

Use XLEasyGantt PMClipart to Spice Up Your Project Presentations!


The clipart are grouped according to their industry. More industries will be added.

Suggestions or customized clipart for your industry are welcome.
Please provide a list of the roles and the general description of these roles to help us design better representative clipart.




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PMClipart for the Construction Industry

  Clipart for various roles in the construction industry.
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XLEasyGantt PMCliparts are Designed and Copyrighted by Edmas Neo

You are free to use these clipart for personal, office, school, commercial and non-commercial use. These clipart are provided free-of-charge and you are not to charge a fee for sharing them or to host them for download at another website. You are not allow to modify the clipart purposely to remove the tag on the clipart.



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