Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Tool Using Microsoft Excel

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Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Plotting Tool

Latest Version:

XL-EasyGantt Version 3.0 comes in a few flavors, find out the different flavors here.

XL-EasyGantt Version 3.0 - Released on 2nd July 2008

Please read the license before you use the template.

You can register and activate XL-EasyGantt v3 Basic for FREE anytime during or after the evaluation period.

Make a donation to support your free XL-EasyGantt.


  • If you launch XL-EasyGantt directly from within the compressed file, it will only open as a read only copy. To save, use save-as or extract the file fully before launching it.

  • A small group of users may encounter a compilation error in the Calendar module, please refer to for instructions on how to install the Microsoft Calendar Control mscal.ocx for XL-EasyGantt to work properly.

  • When you first launch the template, you will be presented with a Security Warning Box from MS Excel as there are macros being used in this template. Click Enable Macros to proceed.


Versions & Version History:

Users who are really concerned about XLG Macros may download V2.4 NM (non-macro) version . V2.4 NM has all the macros stripped off and runs without enabling Excel Macros.
Download XLG v2.4 NM here.

XL-EasyGantt Version 2.4 - Released on 2nd July 2007 Built 070702-1 (latest version)
XL-EasyGantt Version 2.4 - Released on 26th February 2007
XL-EasyGantt Version 2.3.1 - Released on 27th November 2006
XL-EasyGantt Version 2.3 - Released on 8th October 2006
XL-EasyGantt Version 2.2 - Released on 4th September 2006


Other Download Sites (may not be the latest versions):
You can choose to download from their US or Australian Servers.
They have a review about XL-EasyGantt on their site.
The download is linked back to this site.

Get it from CNET!


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