Your Free Project Scheduling and Gantt Chart Tool Using Microsoft Excel

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About XL-EasyGantt

The award winning XL-EasyGantt, used by more than 150,000 project managers Worldwide, is a Simple Project Scheduling and Management Tool that is designed to execute within Microsoft Excel. It allows high level schedules to be created quickly and it automatically generates graphical Gantt Charts that are great for pre-sales activities and for fast communication between clients and team members who do not have access to Microsoft Project or cumbersome project management tools. XL-EasyGantt allows you to easily copy-and-paste the details over to Microsoft Project for further detailed planning. Similarly, you can also copy tasks information from Microsoft Project into XL-EasyGantt for communicating the schedules to the stakeholders.

Difficulty in Using Microsoft Project for Simple Project Scheduling and Schedule Distribution

Microsoft Project or other more sophisticated project management tools are great for project management. However, at times it can be quite an overkill especially when you only want to create a simple high level Gantt Chart during the initial planning stage or when you want to quickly generate draft schedules for your clients during the pre-sales stage. Moreover, the distribution of such higher level schedules to team members and clients who do not have access to the Microsoft Project application could be a hassle when your only choice is either to print it as a PDF file using tools like CutePDF or save it as a web format but not without restrictions when it comes to the views or when you need to gather feedback.

Creation of XL-EasyGantt

As most stakeholders and senior management only have access to Microsoft Excel, project managers often find themselves having to reproduce a copy of the project schedule in Microsoft Excel format and having to manually plot out the Gantt Chart which is extremely time consuming. XL-EasyGantt is specially designed to assist the project managers with this tedious task by automating the creation of quality graphical Gantt Charts with Microsoft Excel and extra effort was put in to keep the size of the template small for easy distribution through emails; and unlike most project management tool, it requires no installation and runs right out of Microsoft Excel.